Climate-smart forestry for a Mediterranean protected landscape (2022-25)

Full name: Climate-smart forestry for a Mediterranean protected landscape. Simulating the effects of climate change and adaptive forest management on forest-related carbon sequestration and semi-natural habitats fragmentation and quality.

Evaluate the effect, on the evolutionary dynamics of a protected Mediterranean forest landscape, of climate change scenarios associated with adaptive management scenarios (sensu Millar et al., 2007) with respect to both the resilience of the forest system and the maintenance of the biodiversity of forest habitats associated with it through the use of the LANDIS-II simulation model (Sheller et al., 2007).

NextGenerationEU: H91I22000640007

Principal investigator: Paola Mairota 

PhD: Stefano Puccinelli

External suparvisors: Josef Brůna, Giorgio Vacchiano