Invasion by Heracleum mantegazzianum: the role of time and spatial scales (2008-2011)

The project focused on the population dynamics of an invasive plant species Heracleum mantegazzianum assessed at various spatial and temporal scales. Information on (i) population dynamics in permanent plots (10 m2, 10 years), (ii) the history of invasion in the Slavkovský les region reconstructed by using aerial photographs (ca 600 km2, 50 years) and (iii) long-term persistence in invaded sites in the Czech Republic (ca 78,000 km2, 150 years) were combined to explore dynamics of spread at different scales, as well as the role of long-distance dispersal and historical changes in land-use. Data provided basis for modelling the response of the species to the variety of control measures, which resulted in suggesting the most appropriate management of this invasive species. By using this model system, the project contributed to general understanding of the metapopulation dynamics of monocarpic perennial plants and determinants of colonization processes.

Topics: spatio-temporal dynamics of plant invasion, remote sensing

State funding provider Czech Grant Agency

Principal investigator: Jan Pergl (Department of Invasion Ecology)

Jana Mullerová participated in work package Reconstructing regional invasion over 50 years: insight into metapopulation dynamics

In this WP, aerial photographs documenting 50 years of invasion by H. mantegazzianum in the region of Slavkovský les were analyzed to map the complete distribution of the species over the whole invaded region. Using information on changes in land-use, the effect of landscape parameters (habitat quality, landscape structure) on the course and outcome of invasion (establishment, stability/persistence and disappearance of H. mantegazzianum patches) was studied. Examination of population dynamics on regional scale enabled us to analyze the role of population size, and to test whether there is a threshold population size needed for further expansion.

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Jana Müllerová