Drought and bark beetle – what next? (2020-2022)

Full name: Drought and bark beetle – what next? Assessment of a forest response to disturbances as a basis
for NP Bohemian Switzerland management 

We will assess development of forest stands damaged in recent years by exceptional drought and
subsequent extensive bark beetle outbreaks. Changes will be analysed combining remote sensing
techniques (satellite and unmanned data) and field measurements aiming at: (i) assessing the
dynamics of regeneration after disturbance related to the disturbance intensity and type of
management measures against bark beetle, (ii) preparing the microclimate atlas requested from
the application garant to serve as a support for detailed planning of both management and species
protection, (iii) modeling both the forest development (regeneration) after the disturbance and
potential threat of plant invasions, and (iv) communicate project results towards application
garant and public by collection of maps.


TAČR ZETA TJ04000449

Principal investigator: Matěj Man

Mentor: Jana Müllerová

Members from LabGIS: Lucie Drhovská, Jiří Prošek, Anna Růžičková, Dana Vébrová