Matěj Man

Phone: +420 271 015 192


I focus on bryophytes. Their interaction with microclimate. Prediction of rare species using DEM derived parameters and climatic measurements. I am trying to establish common national database of bryophytes and lichen species occurrence in Czech Republic.


2015 – present: research assistant at Institute of Botany, The Czech Academy of Sciences.

2008 – 2015: campaigner environmental NGO Arnika, Prague.


2010 – 2015: Charles University, Faculty of Science in Prague, Dept. of botany, 

MSc in Botany, Thesis: Bryophytes of the arable land in the Czech Republic (PDF)  

2015 – present: PhD study in Botany, Charles University, Faculty of Science in Prague, Czech Republic. Dissertation: Factors affecting occurrence of bryophytes and distribution modelling at different spatial scales


MAN M., WILD J.: Specifická stanoviště – cenné rokle, In Indikátory pro hodnocení přírodě blízkého prostředí, s. 73 – 76

MAN M., HADINCOVÁ V., WILD J., BOBEK P., ADÁMEK M.: Specifická stanoviště – limitní zastoupení smrku, In Indikátory pro hodnocení přírodě blízkého prostředí, s. 83 – 90 (PDF)


LiDar is helping to discover valuable localities in Czech Bohemian Sand Stones, 2015, (first prize winner at conference poster competition; PDF)

Awards and Grants

2015 – 2018: Where all the bryophytes grow? Driving factors and species distribution modelling, University grant (GAUK), Main resolver

2016 – 2020: System for predictive distribution modelling of endangered bryophytes and lichens applied in nature conservation, Technology Agency of the Czech Republic, Second resolver