Innovative microclimate measurement as a tool for forest management in NP Bohemian Forest (2019-2021)

The main goal is to create a collection of microclimate maps of forests of NP Šumava that incorporate the influence of the current state of the forest. This goal will be realised by establishment of representative grid of microclimatic stations and measurement of temperature and soil humidity for at least a year. This goal will be finalised at the end of the project, after a thorough synthesis of all acquired data.
The other goals include creation of two methodologies (Methodology of processing of hemispherical photographs, Methodology of Microclimate Measurement by TMS Microclimate Stations), based on the procedures developed by the applicant and requested by the application guarantor. Both have broader use and will be used by other subjects including administrations of NPs.

TAČR ZETA TJ02000281


TJ02000281-V1  Mikroklimatická mapa lesních porostů NP Šumava (Nmap)

TJ02000281-V2  Metodika zpracování hemisférických fotografií  (O)

TJ02000281-V3  Metodika měření mikroklimatu pomocí mikroklimatických stanic systému TMS (O)

TJ02000281-V4  Souhrnná výzkumná zpráva  (Vsouhrn)

TJ02000281-V5 Popularizační článek Jak teplo je v různých vývojových stadiích horského smrkového lesa? (O)

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Principal investigator: Josef Brůna

Members from LabGIS: Tereza Klinerová, Lucia Hederová, Martin Macek, Renata Urbanová, Jan Wild