COPPICE 2012-15

Coppice forests as the production and biological alternative for the future

Target of the project is to set up the cooperation of academic and scientific employees in order to form multidisciplinary scientific team. Foreign scientist increases the competitiveness and excellency of team. The project is targeted on young scientists to increase their quality and excellency in the international environment, to the students to enhance their competitiveness and experience. Target will be achieved by comprehensive assessment of pruduction and nonproduction functions of coppice forests in consideration of global climate changes.

Topic: coppice forest – their history, ecology, management and function in the landscape.

State funding provider MSM – Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (MEYS) CZ.1.07/2.3.00/20.0267

Project partners:

Principal investigator: Tomáš Vrška

We participate in work package Historical development of the coppice forest and management on in the Czech Republic

This WP explores history of coppice management in Czech forests with three research disciplines involved – history (search in archives, processing and spatial analysis of written historical records and maps describing coppice management), dendrochronology (detection of coppice management in the past from the standard tree rings), and paleoecology (anthracological records of the past management in forests related to coppicing).

Contact for this work package:

Jana Müllerová

Members from LabGIS: Přemysl Bobek, Petr Dörner, Jana Müllerová

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