ŠUMLAND 2010-14

The role of disturbances in dynamics of temperate mountain spruce-dominated forests – a landscape simulation model of the Šumava Mts 

Large-scale disturbances (wind and bark beetle outbreaks) have recently occurred in temperate mountain forests dominated by Norway spruce. However, our current knowledge is not sufficient to identify whether such events have occurred with similar intensity in the past (and thus belong to the natural regime of these forests) or not. In the proposed research, we attempt to answer this question using a spatially explicit landscape model. It will be based on a landscape-forest model and using inputs from three other modules of wind speed distribution, bark-beetle dynamics and habitat assessment. The model will be validated by comparison of simulation initiated by the historical data and compared with present landscape maps; Šumava region will be used as the core region for the research. Spatial and temporal dynamics of strong winds and bark beetle outbreaks will be predicted and their possible effect on structure and dynamic of forests on a landscape scale under natural and managed scenarios will be determined.

Project is financed by grant Czech Science Foundation P504/10/0843

Jan Wild, Ph.D.
Tel. +420 271015278
e-mail: jan.wild@ibot.cas.cz

Other team members (Josef Brůna, Tomáš Herben, Martin Kačmar, Martin Macek)

Team members from cooperating institutions

Institute of Entomology, Biology centre ASCR
Luděk Berec, Petr Doležal

Faculty of Forestry and Wood Sciences, Czech University of Life Sciences Prague
Miroslav Svoboda

Faculty of Science, University of South Bohemia
Martin Hais

Institute of Atmospheric Physics ASCR
Jiří Hošek, David Hanslian a Lukáš Pop