Jana Müllerová

Role: Deputy Head of Department

E-mail: jana.mullerova@ibot.cas.cz
Phone: +420 271015207

Web of Science ResearcherID  Josef Brůna


1994 Master Degree at Charles University, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Prague. Ms Thesis: Influence of re-established cutting on grassland ecosystems of river floodplain

2001 PhD at University of Life Sciences, Institute of Applied Ecology, Prague. PhD Thesis: A remote sensing approach to the study of sub-alpine vegetation

since 1999 Institute of Botany, CAS Průhonice, Department of GIS and Remote Sensing

Fellowships: Fulbright Visiting Scholar Fellowship, Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research, University of Colorado, Boulder, USA (2017-18)

My interests
remote sensing, plant-environment interactions, spatio-temporal changes of vegetation, changes of landscape (landuse, management), human influence of vegetation, e.g. invasive species



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