UAS approach for monitoring of plant invasions (2018-2021)

The project aims at establishing new and innovative automatic methodologies to monitor plant invasions using unmanned aircraft (UAS). Specifically we aim to develop a purposely designed UAS, methodology of UAS data acquisition and orthomosaicing, and classification algorithms for detection of model invasive species. The developed UAS technology and procedures will be further utilized to study the invasion dynamics along watercourses aiming at extending our understanding of invasion mechanisms such as habitat invasibility and role of abiotic factors, disturbances, and land use on the course of invasions. This project is related to a COST Action CA16219 HARMONIOUS (2017-2021)

We will continue to develop methods to detect invasive species as  in previous project Detection and monitoring of invasive species using UAV 2014-17 but focusing on new species.

The project is set to start in July 2018 and ends in September 2021

Funding: The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports INTER-COST VES18 project number LTC18007.

Project partners:

  • Brno University of Technology – Petr Dvořák

Principal investigator: Jana Müllerová

Members from LabGIS: Josef Brůna, Tomáš Bartaloš

Main project web:

Contact: Jana Müllerová