Modelling of large scale multi-agents disturbances in mountain spruce forests 2015-2017

This project has two basic aims, which in their synergy contribute to development of high-quality and more robust models of forest dynamics. First aim is a detail monitoring of regeneration dynamics in mountain spruce forest affected by dieback of canopy trees (caused by large-scale disturbances) on existing permanent plots of project investigators. Observed growth and demographic parameters will be assessed in respect to microsites condition and structure and history of forest stands.

Second aim is modelling of landscape forest dynamics using LANDIS II model, which is further developed and parameterized on departments of proposers. The project will contribute to development of better models by providing sound primary data and by understanding of ecological processes connected with forest regeneration.

Project is directly connected to ongoing COST Action: FP1304 PROFOUND, which defined more robust forest projections as one of its key topics.

Project is funded by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, project number: LD15158

Principal investigator: Jan Wild

Members from LabGIS: Josef Brůna, Martin Macek, Matěj Man

Project partner: Faculty of Forestry and Wood Sciences, Czech University of Life Sciences Prague

Team members: Miroslav Svoboda, Radek Bače