TMS stations

myClim R package:

Deprecated SW viewTMS: Visualize, edit and summarize data from climatic stations made by TOMST s.r.o. developed by Jan Wild.

Predikce Dalibor

Online software for species distribution modelling (SDM) especially aiming on bryophytes and lichens in Czechia

Atlas of the forest microclimate in Bohemian and Saxon Switzerland national parks, version 1.0 


Convert coordinates from WGS84 to S-JTSK (Krovak). The utility is based on source code from doc. Ing. Zdeněk Hrdina , CSc. – Hrdina Z. (1997): Transformace souřadnic ze systému WGS-84 do systému S-JTSK. ČVUT, Praha  Developed by Jan Wild. Download

Recommended software