We will form two teams for Bike to Work Competition

Bike to Work (BtW) is a state-wide competition. In its 9th year this year, it will take place in May in various cities and towns across the Czech Republic.

The project’s goal is to motivate as many people as possible to learn to use a bike as a regular urban means of transportation (alternatively to walk or run). If more people switch from cars to bikes and other non-motorised vehicles, they will not only improve their physical condition, mood and work relationships but they will also jointly contribute to cleaner air and more pleasant, safer and healthier cities where they live and work.

Bike to Work is a team competition for companies and institutions. Anyone, who can make a team of at least 2 and maximum of 5 members and regularly bike to work with their co-workers in May, can join the competition. Runners, walkers, skaters, skateboarders, long boarders and wheelchair users can join too! There is no limit as to how many teams from one company (one employer) can join. The goal of Bike to Work is to playfully motivate and inspire employees to cycle to work and to persuade their employers to create the necessary facilities.