Second call: Coppice forests: past, present and future

Brno, Czech Republic, 9 – 11 April 2015

Second call:

The deadline for submitting abstracts for interdisciplinary conference Coppice forests: past, present and future has been extended until January 15, 2015

Aims of the conference

Coppice forests have been a focal topic for foresters, ecologists and conservationists over the past decades. This short-rotation management system has a long tradition in the temperate regions of Europe and Asia. Because of its multi-purpose functions, such as biomass production and biodiversity conservation, the importance of coppicing is widely recognized. Today, coppice forests are confronted with new challenges in an economically, climatically and ecologically changing environment. At this interdisciplinary conference, we strive to bring together researchers and practitioners to discuss the past, present and future of coppice forests in the world.

Topics include

  • Historical aspects of coppice management
  • Patterns of plant and animal biodiversity in coppice systems
  • Patterns in tree regeneration and wood production in coppice forests
  • Restoration and management of coppice forests
  • Potential of coppice forests for economy, recreation, and soil and nature protection
  • Coppice systems in a worldwide perspective

Keynote speakers

Matthias Bürgi (Swiss Federal Research Institute WSL, Switzerland), Jörg Ewald (University of Applied Sciences, Freising, Germany), Gianfranco Fabbio (Forest Research Centre, Italy), Keith Kirby (University of Oxford, UK), Alex Mosseler (Canadian Forest Service, Canada).


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