Martin Macek

E-mail: martin.macek(at)
Phone: +420 271 015 278

nullResearcherID: A-3371-2016

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My research interest is focused on forest ecology with emphasis on species niche modelling, temporal vegetation dynamics and forest microclimate. Besides, I participate on research of vegetation dynamics under extreme conditions of their upper elevation limit in Himalaya.


2010 – present: research assistant at Institute of Botany, The Czech Academy of Sciences, Průhonice, Czech Republic

Project participation:

2017-2019  Humans as nature: anthropogenic legacy in temperate forest ecosystems (GAČR, GA17-09283S) – project leader R. Hédl

2017-2019  Forest microclimate – neglected link between plant diversity and climate change (GAČR, GA17-13998S) – project leader J.Wild

2017-2019  Spatiotemporal reconstruction of tropical cyclones and their impact on the forest structure and diversity in Northeast Asia (GAČR, GA17-07378S) – project leader J. Altman

2017-2019  Ecological and Evolutionary Responses of Plants to Climate Change: Growth Analysis across Ecosystems and Evolutionary Linkages (GAČR, GA17-19376S) – project leader J.Doležal

2013-2017  Plant diversity changes under climate warming: from regional flora to microhabitat adaptation and diversity patterns (GAČR, GA13-13368S) – project leader J.Doležal

2012-2016  Long-term woodland dynamics in Central Europe: from estimations to a realistic model (ERC , 278065) – project leader P.Szabó

2011-2013  Vývoj a kalibrace modulární autonomní stanice pro měření vlhkostních a teplotních podmínek v rozsáhlých bodových polích (TAČR, TA01021283)


2006 – 2011  Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Science in Prague, Dept. of Geobotany, Czech Republic. MSc in Botany.

2011 – present: PhD study in Botany, Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Science in Prague, Czech Republic.


For up-to-date list of my publications see my ResearchGate profile

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