System for predictive distribution modelling of endangered bryophytes and lichens applied in nature conservation 2017 – 2020

The main aim of the project is creation of supporting system for field research and evaluation of occurrences of rare and/or endangered bryophytes and lichens. The supporting system will be available online for the general public. It will consist of tool for predictive species distribution modelling directly connected with database of occurrences of bryophytes and lichens in the Czech Republic. Development of online environment for integration of records on bryophytes and lichens occurrences at national level will be also included in the project. The methodology for prediction of potential localities of species under interest will be certified and verified using case studies. Results will be presented as specialized expert maps validated for selected localities.

Under the terms of the project we will also gather recent presence data of bryophytes and lichens across the Czech republic from individual researchers connected into general database. This will be the first common database of recent data of bryophytes and lichens.


Project is funded by Technology agency of the Czech Republic. Project number: TH02030644

Principal investigators: Jan Wild, Matěj Man