Forest microclimate 2017-2019

Forest microclimate – neglected link between plant diversity and climate change

The core of our project is to evaluate forest canopy effects on climate near the ground, where most plant species live. We will explore relationships among climate, canopy properties and microclimate, and disentangle their effect on forest plant species diversity. Our main questions are:

  1. What is the range of microclimate variability at different spatial and temporal scales and how is it related to forest canopy cover?
  2. How is plant diversity related to microclimate and canopy cover? and
  3. Is there a direct link between above and below-canopy climate?

Project is financed by grant of Czech Science Foundation. See more at ResearchGate

Jan Wild, Ph.D.
Tel. +420 271015278

Other team members: Martin Kopecký, Martin Macek, Jana Müllerová, Josef Brůna, Lucia Hederová, Vít Kašpar, Tereza Klinerová